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Six important things graduates should implement After Schooling.

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It’s no more a News that there’s job scarcity in Nigeria and unemployment has been a major threat to Nigerian citizens and the economy at large
Below are Six things that graduates can implement to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country;
1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Entrepreneur is defined as taking the risk to start a business based on personal idea and also a person who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business or entreprise. This remains a vital activity to sustainance of economic development.
2. VOCATIONAL SKILL: This is developing a handwork career like Show making, Catering, Designing, Craft works, Baking, Carpentry etc. This helps to develop people in better performance of their job as they acquire a skill and also source of income after Schooling. It also helps to reduce the rate of drop outs and unemployment in the society.
3. PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION: This is a certificate that proves Knowledge, Experience and Skill of a person to perform a specific job and task in which they have been trained for. It is used to grow income and continuity of education, to build career and create better job opportunities for graduates. Example of such certifications are; HUMAN RESOURCES CERTIFICATION, PROJECT MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION, SALES CERTIFICATION, NETWORK CERTIFICATION etc.
4.INTERNSHIP PROGRAM: This is a period of work experience offered by a company or organization for a limited period of time. It is mostly use for practice for wide range of placement on business, non-profitable organization, it boost confidence, improve curricular vitae, builds connection, increase motivation, mentorship, helps to build carrier goals and also helps job experience.
5.SELF EMPLOYMENT:This is the state of being determinant and passionate for working for oneself as a freelance or the owner of a business. It can be sole trader, partnership or limited liability company. They help to reduce the rate of unemployment in the society and they earn their income directly by contracting with business directly. They are always in control of their business and also creative and innovative. Examples are Financial advisers, insurance agents, Contractors, Accountants, Business Owners etc.
6. SAVINGS: This is the portion of income not spent on current expenditures. It represents money money that that is not put to risk with investment or spent on consumption. It can be Regular Deposit, Piggy Banks and Money Market. It is also translated into more lucrative career options, helps protect student in the event of financial emergency and prepares student intellectually and socially for adult life.

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