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Positive impacts of Education to the Society

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Education is the process of facilitating knowledge, skills, beliefs and personal development. It has both positive and negative impact on the Society. How ever, the positive impacts add more improvement to the Society which are listed below;


1. It Reduces The Rate of Illiteracy in the Society: Illiteracy is the state of being uneducated or insufficiently educated and this affects individual health and wellbeing. Education is important on both physical and emotional health. Being educated gives you the ability to promote peace and democracy, to promote gender equality and also for the foundation of modern life.

2. It Creates Employment Opportunities: Employment is the state of being employed to work on a particular task or job. Education creates awareness on jobs and enables citizens to improve their living standards by providing insurance. It also helps citizens on how to create valuable goods.

3. Effective Information Communication Technology: Education improves ICT which relates to all aspects of life. It provides quicker way for people to interact, access information and learn. When there’s effective communication, it leaves citizens satisfied and happy. It also smoothens efficient working of organization, promotes co-operation and peace.

4. Development of Social Amenities and Infrastructures: Education plays an important role in building amenities such as Borehole, Health center, Housing etc which plays important role in both the economic development of a nation and society’s quality life. It also enhances the growth and development of business.

5. It Helps People to Discover Skills and Talents Quicker: Skill is the cultivation of ability or giftedness on specific domain. Education helps to improve talent which enhances creativity, critical thinking, adaptability, fund management, information management and Communication among people.

6. It Creates Awareness in Public health: Health education helps people to build knowledge and have positive attitude towards health. It teaches people about physical, mental, social and emotional health. It helps to prevent diseases and also improve quality life through organized effort.

7. It Boosts The Living Standards of Citizens: This is by providing skilled manpower through education that would impact on country’s economic development through creativity, and innovation of new and efficient ideas that would bring improvement in all sectors of the country’s economy.

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