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Medical Laboratory Science as a course

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Medical Laboratory Science is a Five years bachelor science program which deals with the study of the foundation in fundamental Medical Science, scientific content and principles of different laboratory analysis and determination to develop skills in critically analyzing processes.

A Medical Laboratory Scientist also known as Medical Laboratory Technologist or Clinical Laboratory Scientist is a health care expert who performs test on body fluids, tissues, cell samples to help diagnose, manage, treat and prevent diseases.

Skills or Characteristics of a Medical Laboratory Scientist

1. PASSION FOR LEARNING: A Medical Laboratory Scientist should be ready to read multiple relevant scientific journals on a daily basis and should also be ready to update on new tools, equipments and software for Learning, sample collection, experiment and analysis.

2. OBSERVATIONAL EXPERTISE: A good Medical Laboratory Scientist must be able to observe small changes in samples, results and also be able to adapt to using different observational tools including microscope Computer software and data analysis system.

3. COMMUNICATION: A good Medical Laboratory Scientist must be able to communicate the results of their experiments orally or in written. They should be able to explain complex concepts to non scientist like patients and journals if they get interviewed so that they can be able published in a scientific journals.

4. MAKING DECISIONS: A good Medical Laboratory Scientist must be able to end an experiment especially if it’s not yielding or producing any useful result. They should be able to know when a negative result is useful for their course of study.

5. DATA ANALYSIS: A good Medical Laboratory Scientist must be skilled at analyzing the data they collect. They should be able to know how to clean and arrange the data so that it can be well analyzed.

Courses under Medical Laboratory Science

1. MLS CLINICAL CHEMISTRY: This is the quantitative Science concerned with the the measurement of amount of biologically important substances in blood fluid.

2. MLS MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY: This is the study of Micro-organisms including parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses and prions capable of infecting and causing diseases in humans3.  MLS IMMUNOLOGY: This is a line of Medical Lab Sci that deals with the study of immune system, components that protect the immune system, it’s biological processes, the physiological functioning of the immune system, types, it’s disorder and so many other things that guard immunity.

4. MLS HISPATHOLOGY: This is a branch of MLS that deals with the study and diagnosis of diseases of the tissues and involves examining tissues or cells under a microscope.

5. MLS HAEMATOLOGY: This is another branch of MLS that deals with the study of human blood and it’s major aim is to discover and rectify any problem that affects the patients red blood cell, the white blood cell, blood vessels, platelets, bone marrow, lymph node, spleen or the protein required in clotting.

Places where A Medical Laboratory Scientist can work

I. Hospital laboratories and Clinics

II. Forensics Laboratory

III. Veterinary Clinics

IV. Biotechnological and Industrial research Laboratory

V. Cytogenetics

VI. Cytotechnology and Histology

VII. Management areas

VIII. Blood banks

IX. Public Health Organizations

X. Equipment and Supply Companies

XI. Pharmaceutical companies

XII. Public Health Clinics

XIII. Teaching line etc.

Career or Job Opportunities in Medical Laboratory Science

1. BIOTECHNOLOGIST: This is a technologist who conduct experiment in private and government laboratory to modify or manipulate living organisms to develop new products.

2. BLOOD BANKS TECHNOLOGIST: They are also known as Immunohematology technologist. They are specialists that collect blood, classifying it by type, preparing blood and it’s components for transfusion.

3. CHEMICAL AND MATERIAL SCIENTIST: They are MLS Scientist that study substances at their atomic and molecular level and analyze it in the way which the substances interact with one another to produce useful and usable products.

4. CHEMICAL TECHNICIAN: They work in adjusting and Monitoring processing equipment at manufacturing facilities. They help chemical engineers to develop, produce, research and test chemical products and processes.

5. CLINICAL CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGIST: They help to detect and diagnose condition and disease and also prepare specimen to analyze the chemical and hormonal content of body fluids.

6. CYTOTECHNOLOGIST: They are laboratory professionals that evaluate patients cell sample and are trained to notice subtle changes to accurately detect pre-cancerous malignant and infectious conditions.

7. PHLEBOTOMIST: They are Scientist that takes samples of blood for testing and they collect blood from donors to those in need of blood for transfusion and also collect blood for research purpose.

Best Universities to study Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria are: UNIBEN, UNICAL, UI, UNILORIN, EBSU, UNIJOS, UNILAG, OAU, LAUTECH etc

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