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Causes of Poor academic performance among students

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Poor academic performance is when a student academic performance falls below the required standards set. It can be caused by the following;

1. PROCRASTINATION: This is the deliberate act of delaying or postponing Studies despite knowing they are negative consequences for doing such. It builds frustration, anxiety, laziness and low self-esteem in students which leads to failure in such student.

2. EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCE: This has a great effect on students. It is the inability to learn which cannot be explained by other factors or the inability to maintain healthy relationships among colleagues in teaching environment. Research shows that student in a positive mood tends likely remember information presented to them while student that are depressed, sad or angry are less likely to remember information passed to them.

3. LACK OF CONFIDENCE IN ONE’S SELF: This is the lack of self- esteem or trust in oneself. It makes students feel unmotivated, unlovable, awkward and incompetent in themselves which leads to rejection, disapproval and poor academic performance in school.

4. HEALTH PROBLEM: This is the lack of concentration in students suffering from Medical problem. Students who are sane and with good health tends to perform excellently, better and lively in school than students with poor health. Health problems often causes depression, poor concentration, grade retention, educational set back which leads to failure in student suffering from it.

5. POOR LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Lack of adequate study resources in school cause extreme distress on students and teachers in general. It makes students to be unable to learn to their fullest potential and interest because they are not being given proper resources which can aid their learning thereby causing failures in students.

6. PERSONAL FACTORS: This is the particular background on individuals life which can add to their live activities positively or negatively. They are things like personal interest, environmental factor and family influence. Poor personal factors can influence learning process under-sensation, fatigue, boredom, maturation and so many other things that can hinder excellent performance in students.

7. LACK OF INTEREST IN STUDENTS: This is showing little or no concern in Studies. It’s is often caused by; Difficulty in concentrating, laziness, lack of motivation, lack of self confidence and some other factors. Students in this category often think they waste their time studying thereby causing failures in students.

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