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Best commercial courses in Nigeria

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Commercial courses are humanities and Management courses which deals with the study of courses that are considered to be related to business or economic field of a particular group, community, place, State or Country. Below are the few list of best commercial and lucrative courses in Nigeria.

1. ACCOUNTING: This is a four years bachelor commercial course and rated as the best lucrative commerce course in Nigeria. It is defined as the study of analysing verification, keeping a preparation of financial records of transaction of firm and management of general ledger. Accounting is a course needed in all Professional bodies, companies and accounting firms. It also have some professional certificates which are rated as the best commerce certifications. They are;
I. Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) Designation
II. Certified Financial Planner (CFR) Designation
III. Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Certification
IV. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certified
V. Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Designation
VI. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation.
Career opportunities in Accounting include; Accounting Clerk, Cost Accountant, Cost Clerk, Cost Controller, Finance Management, Financial Analyst, Financial Controller, Financial Investment Advisor, Management Accountant etc.
2. MARKETING: This is a four years bachelor degree program and rated as one of the best commercial course in Nigeria. It deals with the study of how to brand and promote products and services to the public which is targeted through specific demographics. It touches many areas of specialization which includes learning about customer behavior, marketing research, new product development, distribution, pricing and integrated marketing, Communication, advertising, financing, promotions etc.
Career opportunities in Marketing includes: Market research Analyst, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Customer service Specialist, Distribution Specialist, Advertising Specialist etc.
3. ECONOMICS: This is a four years bachelor degree program and one of the best commercial course in Nigeria. It deals with the study of pratical and theoretical science of production and distribution of Management and public policy. They study the production and distribution of Resources, goods and services by collecting, analyzing data and evaluating economic issues. Career opportunities in economics include; Compensation Manager, Senior Market Analyst, Quantitative analyst, Product Manager, Statistician etc. It also have professional degree programs and Certifications like
I. Chartered Managerial Economist Ch. ME
II. Chartered Financial Economist Ch. FE
III. Chartered Energy Economist Ch. EE
IV. Chartered Health Economics Ch. HE.
4. BANKING AND FINANCE: This is a four years Bachelor degree programs in commercial line that deals with the terms of managing abd constantly changing the world of money, shares, credit and investment. It provides liquidity I terms of our properties and assets required for business, organizations and individuals for investment.
Career opportunities in banking and Finance includes: Finance Manager, Finance Research Analyst, Credit Processor, Credit Manager, Banker, Loan officer, Financial Risk Management, Cooperate Finance etc.
5. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION: Business Administrators are required everywhere business is around the world thereby making Business Administration one of the top lucrative and one of the best commercial course in Nigeria. It’s a four years bachelor commercial course. It deals with all aspects of supervising business operation that includes administration, overseeing, Accounting, Finance, Data analysis, Management, Project Research and Marketing.
Business Administrators function in five skills which are; Planning, Organizing, Commanding, Coordinating, Controlling etc.
Careers in Business Administration are: Sales Manager, Business Consultants, Financial Analyst, Training and development Specialist, Human Resources Specialist, Market research Analyst etc.

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